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March 6, 2010
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Kai The Fox Reference Sheet by KaiThePhaux Kai The Fox Reference Sheet by KaiThePhaux
Well, I've been wanting to make one o' these for ages!


Full name: Kai the Fox
Nickname(s): Kai, Mint
Gender: Female
Species: Chaos Emerald (Green) / Fox
Age: -
Sexuality: Straight, but isn't interested in anything like that. Technically none.
Relationship Status: None
Currently lives: She travels in a group with Crystal the Squirrel and Ella the Crimson.
Job: To collect the Chaos Emeralds and balance the world.
Alignment: Good/Neutral
Religious beliefs: Chaos
Smoker?: Nope.
Drinker?: Enjoys a classy drink whenever she can get one.
Drug User?: Nope.
Height: About 3 foot 3 (101cm)
Weight: About 67 pounds (30kg)
Figure/build: Curvy
Eye color: Metallic Green
Skin/fur colour: Pastel Green
Tattoos: None.
Scars: On the palm of her left hand.
Piercings: None.
Preferred style of clothing: Her scarf goggles, gloves, and shoes. Nothing more.


Kai is the exact opposite of Tei. She represents the green Chaos Emerald.

~The story is that every Emerald, such as the Chaos Emeralds, Sol Emeralds, and Anarchy Beryl, has a guardian to represent it. The Master Emerald, because of her great power, is guarded by Knuckles, protected by Chaos and Tikal, and represented by Dark and Light, two of the beings that were used to create the Heavens.~

While Kai sets out to free the Emeralds from their holds and return the world to its natural, balanced chaotic state, Tei's mission is to foil her plans, and release the Anarchy Beryls to take over the world and destroy the Emeralds. Regardless, Kai often goes out of her way to fight crime against Light's and Dark's orders.

Kai, bluntly, is bipolar schitzophrenic.

She has three personalities.

Her first personality is her Body, also just called Kai. This one's very easily manipulated around a thought or idea. This one's easy to persuade. She's often caught between decisions, and often acts without thinking. However, despite this, this personality is very kind and considerate, and is also pacifistic. This personality always chooses what SHE thinks is the right thing to do, whether it is or a mystery!

Her second personality is her Mind. Cold and calculating. This one usually is considered 'evil', but that's just opinion. This one wants domination, but never really gets itself heard through the other two personalities. It comes out when Body is in danger. Fairly ruthless and knows fantastic fighting techniques, this personality is considered dangerous. Mind makes sure to keep tabs of important things to remember as well as things to not remember. She's in charge, really. This personality follows what would most-benefit Kai as a whole.

The third is her Spirit. Often considered to be her heart, but is actually in-tune with nature and balance. Her actions are defined by what is actually the right thing to do. Spirit knows all, but cannot properly communicate to Kai or her Mind. Spirit comes from Kai's past knowledge and from the other emeralds. Spirit is connected to all, which is why she has communication errors.

Kai (Body) chooses not to fight, and will try to make sure a physical fight doesn't break out. If one does, however, she uses a fighting style that neither opponent gets hurt, but one eventually gives up. She tires them out by dodging as much as possible. Mind, however, uses a quick and easy way to win. Mind doesn't have enough patience for brawling, so she mainly makes sure to physically beat them down best as possible in the least amount of time. Spirit, like Body, tries to reason with them using carefully selected words to prevent a fight. If a fight happens to erupt, Spirit will find a way to trap or entangle them into submission.

Kai can use her Emerald's power to boost her speed temporarily in short bursts, or jump long distances, levitate, or even fly. Due to her restrictions with Light and Dark, however, she cannot do this for more than a few seconds. She has to use these abilities wisely.

Kai-Body sees herself as someone who can change the world, Mind disagrees, telling her she's no different than the rest, and Spirit refuses to agree with either, saying that everyone is a small piece of the big puzzle of life.


These're actually doodles, but they turned out pretty well.

Since people have been wanting to draw Kai, I figured that I would make a reference sheet of her to make things easier.

But this is just a small change, her clothes are interchangeable, too. I was just doodling.

Not only that, but it was fun and it'll be useful for in the future.

Note the KaiDoll.


Kai The Fox and artwork (c) :iconkaithephaux:
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