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November 28, 2011
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Halloween 2011 by KaiThePhaux Halloween 2011 by KaiThePhaux
I can't stand empty space. *Doodles in nonsensical shapes*

Yeah, I figured I should upload some cruddy pictures taken from Halloween this year sometime.!

The chubby, ugly, female RED Medic is me. My labcoat was like, 10x too big for me, and made me look fatter than I am. Regardless, it was a comfortable costume, even though everything was too big on me.

All of the other awesome people are my friends, costumed as the BLU Sniper, the RED Soldier (Halloween Robot style), and the BLU Spy.

Our Sniper kept drinking out of that jar. I think it was applejuice. He also had a koala in his backpack.

Our Spy had to go play a card game or something and like, abandoned us all. So we just hung out and terrorized Gamestop at the mall. Not literally, we just marched around looking dumb and getting yelled-at by the security guards.

SO MANY PEOPLE WERE CALLING FOR MEDIC. SADKJFHAskldajfhaKLJSHAD. It was awful. Just like in-game!

Our Soldier was way cool, though. He totally acted the part, as did our Sniper (I was lame and completely forgot that I was Medic because I was too busy fangirling over things). Our Soldier marched up to peoples' doors with his little sister and demanded candy "BECAUSE IT IS THE LAW" or some nonsense.

My costume was equipped with a bonesaw, a giant syringe, syringe-pens (which I used during the schoolday), bandages, gauze, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, and pepperspray. I was equipped to HELP. <3

Everything on my costume is hand-made/sewn/found. I obviously didn't buy the costume. I loved hitting people with my bonesaw, too, which now hangs above my computer. :heart:

---About the Costumes---

The Medic costume took about a week to get together, honestly. I didn't realize how difficult it could be just to find a red tie. My budget was $20, so I really had to be picky. I was planning on making a Blighted Beak to go along with the costume, but ran out of supplies, money, and time.

The labcoat is a labcoat, sewn back to 'taper' to look like it has coattails, the gloves are hand-sewn from some latex-vinyl fabric that was too expensive for its own good, the pants are some dude-pants I found in my closet, the boots I already had, and I even wore a white collared shirt and vest underneath it all, tucked in, of course. The bonesaw's just foamcore, spraypaint, and silver contact paper. <3

The Sniper costume was a lot of fun, in my opinion. I didn't put the finishing touches on, but I helped ol' Sniper out with finding everything.

The hat's a cowboy hat we had to spraypaint brown (lmao, THAT was weird to do) and the vest is a real hunter's vest we purchased, with real hunter scent! I'm told it smelled awful, but it didn't smell too bad to me. We found an amazing selection of aviator shades at the weird shoppe in which I found my syringe pens. Our Sniper carried around Jarate (hopefully apple juice, as he claimed it to be) and a koala on his back. A nice, blue shirt, belt, pants, and shoes finished off the rest of his outfit.

The Spy costume was interesting, to say the least. We found the perfect blue, pinstriped suit at another odd store (we also found a Heavy hat there, too. I should've purchased it..) and at the same store, he purchased the cigarette case. Our Spy said he ordered the balaclava online.

Spy and I were sweating our faces off the entire school day. I was wearing two layers of clothing, and he was wearing three. I'm not sure how he didn't get heatstroke in the sun.

And finally, the Soldier costume. He was originally gonna be an Engineer, and we even purchased him (jokingly) a hardhat with the words, "Engineer" printed along the top in childish letters. Sniper and I thought it was funny.

Anyways, so our Robo-Solly wasn't gonna do anything, and then I told him that the best-last-minute-makeshift-costume is Soldier's Robot costume. And so he pulled it off quite well, yelling at small children and threatening to take away American jobs. He says he 'found' the jacket in his closet. Pff, yeahrite. It's too Soldier-perfect to just be 'found. I kept having to fix his shoebox-shoes because he tore them up quite frequently marching around in the dust and dirt and street and mall-floor. So as the others talked with eachother (or threatened eachother with melee weapons :/ ) I was seen with a roll of masking tape fixing his shoes.

I'll stop writing a story, now.


Stuff (c) *KaiThePhaux
Medic - *KaiThePhaux
Sniper - ~Heyro0
Soldier - ~SusInfluenza
Spy - [Hm, I don't think he has one. I dunno, though. Spies. :/)
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ima spy
Aus-Sum Featured By Owner May 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
EET EES TIME FOR ZE MEDIC TO OPERATE! You're not ugly or chubbeh, you look great! :D I can't wait to see what the next costume is! C:
Bananaflyer Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Don't drink that...
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You're not chubby! :stare: You make a fine medic, sheila~

also, nice phone boob LOLOOL.
CharlieTheHedgehog Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2011
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Quit bashing your looks, they're never as bad in other people's eyes as you think they are. Your sniper is handsome~ ah what am I kidding, all your costumes look great!
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Thanks, mate.
obituarydevil Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2011
I'm guessing finding a brown slouch hat is more expensive than spray painting a cowboy hat brown. And yet there are no crocodile teeth to be seen. I is disappoint. But those doodle are funny, so I'll let it slide.
Heyro0 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Mate, back in th' bush, we're all given an Outback Hat at birth. It's fer wrasslin' our first crocs at th' age o' three. Lil' anklebiters do it all th' time. I remember one o' my cousins, bloody idiot, made an awful mistake. Terrible story. An' while that wanker of a Spoi got his manicured lil' hands on my hat, I had t' go out an' find somethin' else to put on me head. It gets cold out there, sometimes, mate.

I need me hat.

Nurambus Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2011  Student General Artist
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